[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘Mindstate’


Computer Magic

Brooklyn’s resident synthesizer dreamer, Danz A.K.A. Computer Magic has just released a new tune for all your ears to wrap themselves around (metaphorically, not physically, ‘cos that would be gross) and get caught up in her nebulous electronics. If you had a lazy chilled Sunday, as we did, and you want to carry that into your week, let Computer Magic help you out with Mindstate.

Computer Magic almost skips, carefree ,into the realm on Chillwave on this new one. Ever the queen of analog dreamscapes and lo-fi ElectroPop excellence, Danz gets all reverb washed with Mindstate. Building layers of frothy synths overs a monster, somewhat subby, bassline delivers a hypnagogic combination of energizing bass and cerebral sparkling leads. Danz’s sweet vocal drifts across the track like vapour with a mix of melancholy and optimism. Excellent laid back summer vibes.

Computer Magic – Mindstate

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