[Download] Computer Magic’s ‘All I Ever Wanted’


Computer Magic

All I Ever Wanted is the new tune from the amazing Computer Magic. It may only be a demo, but quite frankly we eagerly lap up anything Brooklyn based synth wizard Danielle Johnson releases. Her last proper release was A Million Years, from earlier this year which still stands out as one of the year’s highlights. Hopefully this new tune is an indication that Danz is back in the studio working on a new album maybe?

Musically, All I Ever Wanted is the epitome of Computer Magic. Raw drum machine beats and vintage synths, complex arrangements sounding deceptively simple. A robotic onslaught made to conform to human beauty, constructed of 80s flavours in a contemporary Indie-Electro mixture. Danz give this latest tune a bit of a Rock ‘N’ Roll edge with an almost early 80s post-punk slant to the vocals, setting it apart from other Computer Magic tunes, but making it infectious listening.

Computer Magic – All I Ever Wanted (Demo.)

Computer Magic’s A Million Years is out now.

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