[MP3] Box Of Wolves reMixes Hghclr’s ‘Ohio’



Canadian Chillwaver Box Of Wolves just can’t leave those Swedes alone, can he? Following his reMix of Swedish spacey electronic artist AfterParty’s Lonely Reggae, he’s turned in the sumptuous version of Stockholm based ElectroPop newcomers Hghclr’s track Ohio, from their Waves EP.

This one is all about capturing the emotion of the song with airy synths and a dusting of delay. Pinned down with a deceptively funky bassline, the track organically breathes floaty lead lines and sparking keys into a musical dream that has pin-sharp clarity. Add to the the originals ethereal lament and you’ve got a dreamy, and a touch nostalgic, sunset anthem.

Hghclr – Ohio (Box of Wolves reMix)

Hghclr’s Waves EP is out now.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves reMixes AfterParty



Our good friend, Canadian Chillwave prodigy Box Of Wolves has just quietly dropped a brand new reMix in the form of this workout of Swedish spacey electronic artist AfterParty’s Lonely Reggae. Check out the breezy electronics get morphed into raw dancefloor Funk and an atmospheric wall-of-sound.

Lonely Reggae is an introverted slice of quirky ElectroPop, so Box Of Wolves ups the groove quota somewhat with thick bass synths and a driving 909 beat. Box Of Wolves builds up the drama throughout the track, gradually layering on more and more sweet synth tones creating a gentle mood, but one with a dancefloor drive and understated majesty. Another killer mix from Box Of Wolves,

AfterParty – Lonely Reggae (Box Of Wolves reMix)

Check out more from AfterParty on SoundCloud.

[Release] Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi – Boy


Out today! This very morning! Is the new single from Canadian Chillwave future-star and  Box Of Wolves and the London singer/songwriter who’s name is on everybody’s lips Christa Vi. electronic rumors’ latest release is one we can definitely be very proud of, these guys are insanely talented and exude an effortless cool. Here’s some of the press release, which as we have now established, is fine for me to copy & paste because I wrote the thing in the first place.

Combining Box Of Wolves’ hazy synthesizer DreamPop sound with Christa Vi’s smokey voice, as she delivers an emotional and relatable refrain, was a stroke of genius. Bringing together the worlds of nostalgic analog synth music and thoughtful IndiePop with fantastic results. With a lead track destined for the radio and reMixes that will be packing dancefloors in the coming months, ‘Boy’ is sure to be many music fans’ soundtrack to the summer. Backed with a storming, Funk fuelled, Nu-Disco reMix from Toronto’s Cyclist and an ethereal slow-House workout from Tongan producer Summer Occasion, the ‘Boy’ single offers a catchy soundtrack to any mood.

I’d get used to this one, you’re going to be hearing a lot more of it in the coming months.

♫ Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi – Boy (Single)

Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi’s Boy is out now on electronic rumors.

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[MP3] MNDR reMixed by Figure Of 8 and Box Of Wolves


Yeah, yeah. We know. reMix competitions… You all know where we stand on reMix competitions, that’s stance being that they are mostly tedious. However, how can we say no to our favourite raw ElectroPop duo MNDR reMixed by two of our favourite producers, Figure Of 8 and Box Of Wolves? We couldn’t, and are just going to have to swallow out ‘reMix competition’ pride to bring you these two jams.

And they both take a very different tact too. Belfast’s Figure Of 8 whips up a deep Housey track with a strong warehouse vibe. Loaded with pulsating synths and robotic beats, Figure Of 8’s mix dips in and out of a 90s House sound whilst spending the rest of it’s time delivering a synthetic club track that contrasts strongly, but works amazingly well, with Amanda’s vocals. Chillwaver Box Of Wolves’ take on the track is typically warm and enveloping. Hinting at a 90’s R&B groove amongst the waves of blissed-out synths, Box Of Wolves crafts something that is both dreamlike and funky. Again, it’s not the kind of track we’re used to hearing Amanda singing on, but as with Figure Of 8’s mix, it works so well. Two top entries, if one of them doesn’t win we’ll be calling “foul”!

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (Figure Of 8 reMix)

♫  MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds (Box Of Wolves reMix)

MNDR’s Feed Me Diamonds is out now.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves’ ‘No Kisses’

Box Of Wolves

No Kisses is the third in London based Canadian Chillwaver Box Of Wolves series of free tracks. These weekly releases will come together to make up the Swim EP. So far the EP has been stormingly good,a lush collection of Chillwave with added Funk and this latest addition to the EP is no different.

Breezy synths and shifting melodies move and evolve around No Kisses. Perfectly walking the line between an upbeat dance track and the smoothest of chill jams. Box Of Wolves tracks are like magic boxes, there’s always something new to discover on repeated listens. Here you have layer upon layer in intertwining sounds and textures, distant vocal snatches and shuffling hats, all riding over a laid back LA Funk groove.  Another amazing track from this Chillwave rising star.

Box Of Wolves – No Kisses

The first three tracks from Swim are already available.

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[MP3] Box Of Wolves’ ‘Swim’

Box Of Wolves

‘Swim’ is the first in a series of four free tracks from London based Canadian Chillwave producer Box Of Wolves’ new free single. This Torontonian dream-weaver has been steadily putting out luscious, Disco flavoured, spacey synth tracks for over a year now. Groove infused Chillwave and hazy SynthPop that contains some true gems. He’s releasing one track a week for the next month to make up the Swim EP, all for free.

Click the link below to download the title track, a rich composition of synth textures with am early 90s R&B swing. Reverb washed vintage synth sounds ebb and flow in and out of the audio spectrum as lush chords provide a floaty counterpoint to the punchy dance bassline. Haunting vocal snatches weave their way through the sonic landscape as Box Of Wolves conjures up something that works just as well on the dancefloor as it does as food for your mind.

Box Of Wolves – Swim

The first track from Swim is released today, which the subsequent three tracks release in the coming weeks.

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