[Release] Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi – Boy


Out today! This very morning! Is the new single from Canadian Chillwave future-star and  Box Of Wolves and the London singer/songwriter who’s name is on everybody’s lips Christa Vi. electronic rumors’ latest release is one we can definitely be very proud of, these guys are insanely talented and exude an effortless cool. Here’s some of the press release, which as we have now established, is fine for me to copy & paste because I wrote the thing in the first place.

Combining Box Of Wolves’ hazy synthesizer DreamPop sound with Christa Vi’s smokey voice, as she delivers an emotional and relatable refrain, was a stroke of genius. Bringing together the worlds of nostalgic analog synth music and thoughtful IndiePop with fantastic results. With a lead track destined for the radio and reMixes that will be packing dancefloors in the coming months, ‘Boy’ is sure to be many music fans’ soundtrack to the summer. Backed with a storming, Funk fuelled, Nu-Disco reMix from Toronto’s Cyclist and an ethereal slow-House workout from Tongan producer Summer Occasion, the ‘Boy’ single offers a catchy soundtrack to any mood.

I’d get used to this one, you’re going to be hearing a lot more of it in the coming months.

♫ Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi – Boy (Single)

Box Of Wolves & Christa Vi’s Boy is out now on electronic rumors.

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