[MP3] Box Of Wolves reMixes AfterParty



Our good friend, Canadian Chillwave prodigy Box Of Wolves has just quietly dropped a brand new reMix in the form of this workout of Swedish spacey electronic artist AfterParty’s Lonely Reggae. Check out the breezy electronics get morphed into raw dancefloor Funk and an atmospheric wall-of-sound.

Lonely Reggae is an introverted slice of quirky ElectroPop, so Box Of Wolves ups the groove quota somewhat with thick bass synths and a driving 909 beat. Box Of Wolves builds up the drama throughout the track, gradually layering on more and more sweet synth tones creating a gentle mood, but one with a dancefloor drive and understated majesty. Another killer mix from Box Of Wolves,

AfterParty – Lonely Reggae (Box Of Wolves reMix)

Check out more from AfterParty on SoundCloud.

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