[Download] Box Of Wolves’ ‘Hello’


Box Of Wolves

Canadian hazy Disco don Box Of Wolves is back with a new track ahead of the release of the follow up to his last single, Boy, single next month. Hello is just the kind of track to keep you warm on these increasingly frosty winter days. Once again featuring vocal assistance from Christa Vi, albeit in a heavily modulated and chopped-up form here, Hello is an excuse to forget about your worries for four minutes and sink into an all-encompassing electronic dreamscape.

Leading with pin-sharp chords, bright and shiny, Hello soon weighs-in with a resounding bassline and a solid groove. Heavy on the purcussion, Hello also gets you on-board with  haunting melodies and distend hook, all coming together in a cloud of swirling Disco. Christa’s vocals are morphed into another instruments in this instance, adding to the sound pallet and enhancing the wave of chill that emanates from the speakers.

Box Of Wolves – Hello

Box Of Wolves’ Hello is out now’

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