Beaumont gets his hands on Groove Armada’s ‘I Won’t Kneel’


Alrighty synth fans! I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was made that little bit better by coming home to find a new email from Australia’s best kept secret, Beaumont, pimping out his new reMix.

Taking on ‘I Won’t Kneel’ by Groove Armada, featuring the vocals of SaintSaviour, Beaumont continues to go from strength to strength, his skills as a reMixer and produces seem to be growing with every new mix. His musical confidence too, which shines though in this complex, yet funky as hell, reMix.

Groove Armada (Feat. SaintSaviour) – I Won’t Kneel (Beaumont reMix)

‘I Won’t Kneel’ is taken from Groove Armada’s ‘Black Light’ album.

Groove Armada @ Beatport

Groove Armada @ Juno

Groove Armada @ 7Digital

Groove Armada @ Amazon

Cassette Club 4 Me


Some interesting facts:

1) Cassette Club’s new single on Eye Industries, ‘4 me’, is pretty awesome. 2) The reMix package is even awesomer. 3) The fact that Eye Industries is allowing us to share four storming reMixes with you is the awesomest!

You can check out the original on SoundCloud, it’s a smooth and soulful Nu-Disco affair with a late night vibe and the reMixes just knock it out of the park! I gotta’ begin with a shout out to our friend Beaumont, not only is it great to see so many of his reMixes getting official releases these days but the man keeps getting better and better. This reMix, I reckon, is my favourite of his tracks to days. It’s a sweet Dreamwave track that is easily equal to, or better than, most of the Valerie crew’s output. Bestrack keep the Nu-Disco groove going but deliver a slightly harder vibe while Quinten 909 & Livian go crazy with the deep funky House thang. Algeronics wrap up the single with a Wonky bass Fidget tune thick with rave synths. A truly impressive line up of reMixes!

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Beaumont reMix)

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Bestrack reMix)

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Quinten 909 & Livian reMix)

Cassette Club – 4 Me (Algeronics reMix)

‘4 Me’ is released today! Go check it out:

Cassette Club @ Beatport

Cassette Club @ Juno

Cassette Club @ 7Digital

Cassette Club @ Amazon

Beaumont reMixes Róisín Murphy


Beaumont has sent on over his reMix of SynthPop goddess Róisín Murphy’s last single ‘Momma’s Place’ and he’s knocking it out the park again.

Working the vocals perfectly, Beaumont knows exactly when to build it and when to drop it, his Nu-Disco track never overshadowing the ElectroPop original, just lifting it to greater heights.

Róisín Murphy – Momma’s Place (Beaumont reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Momma’s Place’ is out now.

Róisín Murphy @ Beatport

Róisín Murphy @ 7Digital

Róisín Murphy @ Amazon

NightWaves; new single and Beaumont reMix


Coming straight out of LA based SynthPop/Dreamwave collective Binary Records, NightWaves have been throwing out some awesome tunes recently. I’m still rockin’ to their cover of ‘In The Air Tonight’!

Next week they duo drop their new single ‘Sweet Carrie’ and continuing the evolution of the NightWaves sound they’ve dropped some subtle guitars into the mix which blend pretty well with their dreamy synths. The tracks is pure summertime cool which, frankly, makes you wish you were somewhere else (unless, of course, you are already somewhere chillin’ in the sun, in which case, here’s your soundtrack!) You can check the video here.

Along with a killer package, our good friend Beaumont has contributed his take in the tune to the mix. The Aussie producer turns in sweet laidback Electro-House mix that makes brilliant use of cut-up vocals and finds a voice all of it’s own.

NightWaves – Sweet Carrie (Beaumont reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

As a bonus the guys are releasing the stems of the track for all and sundry to reMix! Download them here.

‘Sweet Carrie’ drops next Tuesday on dubFrequency.

NightWaves @ Beatport

NightWaves @ 7Digital

NightWaves @ Amazon

Beaumont; new track


A man like Beaumont has dropped his latest offering into the electronic rumors inbox, we always look forward to Andy’s tunes here.

‘Surface Mission’ is a really intricate, chilled Electro tune with some sweet bit-crunched and distorted sounds which build up to those Disco synth strings.

Give it a listen!

Beaumont – Surface Mission (zShare) (MediaFire)

Go show Andy some of your hard earned MySpace love!

Beaumont @ MySpace

P.S. Andy? *cough*remix?*cough*

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy


Emil & Friends have dropped a whole mess of reMixes of their forthcoming ‘Downed Economy’ 7”.

The original is a strange and wonderful Synth Funk garage jam. Making the track their own are Dim Mak’s Dan Oh who ups the groove factor to 9.5 with dirty synths and wobbly bass. Mr. Vegas’ version is a lot more abrasive, rapid fire bass and heavy beats seem to  pin down the floaty vocals while the same vocals sit perfectly with Beaumont’s atmospheric retro House track.

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy (Dan Oh reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy (Mr. Vega Stimulus reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy (Beaumont reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Emil & Friends – Downed Economy (zShare) (MediaFire)

Check out Emil’s MySpace to get the Downed Economy EP for free!

Emil & Friends @ MySpace

You can pre-order the 7” at PureGroove

Emil & Friends @ PureGroove

Beaumont’s back


electronic rumors fav, Beaumont, has dropped another new track on us, and it’s a corker.

Perfect to these hot summer nights, the Aussie has turned in a smooth Electro-House jam, Mid-tempo with warm bass and arpeggios, the track has a retro lead line that just screams ‘driving thorough the city at night’ montage!

Check it out:

Beaumont – Parallax (zShare) (MediaFire)

And go bug the man on MySpace:

Beaumont @ MySpace



We really liked Beaumont’s reMix of Ladyhawke that we posted here so when an email full of the man’s tunes landed in the electronic rumors Inbox we were more than interested.

Beaumont has a cool sound; a Valerie-esq retro Electro flavour with an infusion of 8-bit video game noises. What more could you ask for?

We’ve got three of his tracks here, all of them top quality Nu-Disco, with sharp FM lead lines, fat analog basses and that slight 80’s soundtrack feel that always works so well.

Beaumont’s use of bit crunched beeps and blips definitely set him apart from the pack.

Beaumont – Neon Dawn (Intro. Mix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Beaumont – Last Night (zShare) (MediaFire)

Beaumont – Recital (zShare) (MediaFire)

Beaumont also dropped his reMix of Empire Of The Sun’s ‘We Are The People’, a chord driven retro epic.

Empire Of The Sun – We Are The People (Beaumont reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Go show Beaumont some MySpace love this minute!

Beaumont @ MySpace

New Ladyhawke reMix


Ah Pip, when are we getting some new material? Well, in the absence of a new Ladyhawke record it’s always nice when new reMixes come your way.

Here we have another reMix of ‘Back Of The Van’. This time Sydney producer Beaumont cooks up a delicious 80’s treat with some fantastic gated synths and piano bridge.

Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (Beaumont’s Zirconium Throne reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

It looks like ‘Back Of The Van’ might be getting a re-release, no doubt this isn’t the last reMix we will hear.

Ladyhawke @ Modular Store

Ladyhawke @ Beatport

Ladyhwake @ Juno

Ladyhawke @ 7Digital

Ladyhawke @ Amazon