NightWaves; new single and Beaumont reMix


Coming straight out of LA based SynthPop/Dreamwave collective Binary Records, NightWaves have been throwing out some awesome tunes recently. I’m still rockin’ to their cover of ‘In The Air Tonight’!

Next week they duo drop their new single ‘Sweet Carrie’ and continuing the evolution of the NightWaves sound they’ve dropped some subtle guitars into the mix which blend pretty well with their dreamy synths. The tracks is pure summertime cool which, frankly, makes you wish you were somewhere else (unless, of course, you are already somewhere chillin’ in the sun, in which case, here’s your soundtrack!) You can check the video here.

Along with a killer package, our good friend Beaumont has contributed his take in the tune to the mix. The Aussie producer turns in sweet laidback Electro-House mix that makes brilliant use of cut-up vocals and finds a voice all of it’s own.

NightWaves – Sweet Carrie (Beaumont reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

As a bonus the guys are releasing the stems of the track for all and sundry to reMix! Download them here.

‘Sweet Carrie’ drops next Tuesday on dubFrequency.

NightWaves @ Beatport

NightWaves @ 7Digital

NightWaves @ Amazon

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