Groove Armada reMix HURTS’ new single

HURTS’ new single is released this week and even though everybody seems to agree that ‘Sunday’ is perfect single material it is ‘Stay’, which is fair enough, it’s a pretty powerful track.

So, to the reMixes! The awesome surprise of the single is Groove Armada signing up for reMix duties, and the reMix doesn’t disappoint. Slightly less vocal than I would have liked the mix is nonetheless an enticing House track with an early 90’s feel to it. From it’s orchestral stabs to it’s floaty piano, to it’s killer digital bassline this is 1991 warehouse stuff!

HURTS – Stay (Groove Armada reMix)

‘Stay’ and the album, ‘Happiness’, are out now.

HURTS @ Beatport

HURTS @ Juno

HURTS @ 7Digital

HURTS @ Amazon

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Beaumont gets his hands on Groove Armada’s ‘I Won’t Kneel’


Alrighty synth fans! I hope you all had a good weekend, mine was made that little bit better by coming home to find a new email from Australia’s best kept secret, Beaumont, pimping out his new reMix.

Taking on ‘I Won’t Kneel’ by Groove Armada, featuring the vocals of SaintSaviour, Beaumont continues to go from strength to strength, his skills as a reMixer and produces seem to be growing with every new mix. His musical confidence too, which shines though in this complex, yet funky as hell, reMix.

Groove Armada (Feat. SaintSaviour) – I Won’t Kneel (Beaumont reMix)

‘I Won’t Kneel’ is taken from Groove Armada’s ‘Black Light’ album.

Groove Armada @ Beatport

Groove Armada @ Juno

Groove Armada @ 7Digital

Groove Armada @ Amazon

Fotonovela reMix Groove Armada

Groove Armada

Fotonovela stopped by the electronic rumors inbox to drop off their latest reMix, of Groove Armada’s recent single featuring the vocals of Ben from Fenech-Soler and SaintSaviour, ‘Paper Romance’.

Fotonovela are a Greek duo who hail from the Undo stable alongside Marsheaux, and as with their label-mates they are masters of ElectroPop.

The reMix a pretty awesome retro synth workout. It’s a good song anyway but the pair add a cool arpeggiated late-80’s SynthPop vibe to it. The more I listen to it the more I’m digging it, the chords in the chorus and the sparkling lead lines remind me so much of the Pop I grew up with without sounding dated at all. I’ll defiantly be keeping my eye on Fotonovela.

Groove Armada (Feat. Ben From Fenech-Soler And SaintSaviour) – Paper Romance (Fotonovela Rmx) (zShare) (MediaFire)

‘Paper Romance’ is out now.

Groove Armada @ Beatport

Groove Armada @ Juno

Groove Armada @ 7Digital

Groove Armada @ Amazon



Prepare to enter a world of crazy.

East London’s TheRGBs are a live ElectroPop four piece. ‘Live’ being the operative word as it is live where the girls (and guy) really shine…literally. It’s all spangles, shiny leotards and keytars (and you know how electronic rumors feel about girls with keytars!)  and the kind of energy most bands can only dream of.

The music is as smooth as the live show is energetic, a lot deeper than the throwaway ElectroPop dittys they first appear to be. Don’t be blinded by the shiny outfits and madcap presence, underneath that is a bucket-load of songwriting talent.

Becky’s versatile vocal style is just right for her delivery of some emotive…some satirical lyrics over the refreshing kind of stripped down synthwork that can only be written by an act that plays live. Somehow the sound ends up being bigger than the sum of it’s parts.

Wrap your ears ‘round this deep Elelctro mix by Roboticist:

TheRGBs – Up & Down (Roboticist reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

You may recognise TheRGBs as featuring on Groove Armada’s current single ‘Drop The Tough’ that has had a couple of huge reMixes, by Van She and The Twelves, doing the rounds the last couple of months. Incidentally, ‘Drop The Tough’ was released March 15th.

Groove Armada (Feat. TheRGBs) – Drop The Tough (Van She B-Live reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

TheRGBs are currently in the studio recording their début album which should be ready to drop in the next few months, we may even have a taster for you soon.

Until then, show the girls (and guy) some MySpace love and pick up the Groove Armada single:

TheRGBs @ MySpace

Groove Armada (Feat. TheRGBs) – Drop The Tough @ Beatport

Groove Armada (Feat. TheRGBs) – Drop The Tough @ 7Digital

Groove Armada (Feat. TheRGBs) – Drop The Tough @ Amazon