New Ladyhawke reMix


Ah Pip, when are we getting some new material? Well, in the absence of a new Ladyhawke record it’s always nice when new reMixes come your way.

Here we have another reMix of ‘Back Of The Van’. This time Sydney producer Beaumont cooks up a delicious 80’s treat with some fantastic gated synths and piano bridge.

Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (Beaumont’s Zirconium Throne reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

It looks like ‘Back Of The Van’ might be getting a re-release, no doubt this isn’t the last reMix we will hear.

Ladyhawke @ Modular Store

Ladyhawke @ Beatport

Ladyhwake @ Juno

Ladyhawke @ 7Digital

Ladyhawke @ Amazon

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