alloapm’s ‘LCY Likes Pineapple’


Madcap Tokoy ElectroPopsters alloapm are at it again. Dropping a brand new track on SoundColud, LCY Likes Pineapple, the band once again invites us into their funky, strange, world.

LCY Likes Pineapple hits like a wall of synth noise. If you listen carefully, amongst the mix there is layers and layers of synths,  from gritty buzzsaws to toytown plinks. It’s a track that’s much rawer than alloapm’s pervious output, but keeps a crazy groove and ends up being totally catchy. This is the kind of tune we’d love to see live, with two drummers and an orchestra of keytar players covering the multi levels of percussion and melody. Gritty, ballsy, infectious ElectroPop from Japan once again.

♫ alloapm – LCY Likes Pineapple (Demo.)

alloapm’s Gorilla Slighly single is out now.

Buy alloapm’s music from:

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