Moonlight Matters’ ‘Come For Me’

Moonlight Matters

Wow, this week is just full of awesome late ‘80’s-esque tunes. This weeks definite highlight comes from Moonlight Matters (Seba from Villa)’s long, long awaited début single, released next month (or now on Beatport) on Kitsuné Music.

Moonlight Matters has been knocking out some of the best reMixes around for the last year or so, but despite some amazing work, we never, never, expected his début to blow us away like ‘Come For Me’ did. The EP’s title track features Gustaph from Hercules And Love Affair and is one of the biggest power Pop tracks you will hear in a while. Combining a slight bit of his Disco groove with that proper late ‘80’s sound that is starting to seep into dance music inbetween all the retro ‘80’s and ‘90’s sounding stuff. You know what I mean, epic stadium vocals, digital bass and those wonderful orchestral hits, and ‘Come For Me; has them all, and uses them perfectly. It’s a track with a tiny bit of melancholy to it, but mostly just makes you want to punch the air. Less Disco more PowerSoulPop was a brilliant move, Moonlight Matters works it perfectly. ‘Standing Up For Love’, brings down the tempo but keeps the same Electronic Soul feel with Starving Yet Full providing an impassioned vocal in a track that features the smoothest of smooth sax solos. One again Seba draws from Pop from the tail end of the ‘80’s and sucks up all the best elements for a pure TOTP experience. The final original track on the EP is ‘Rain Dance’, a lush, atmospheric, dance track. A bit tribal, this is the track that brings Moonlight Matters a bit more into the realm of ‘90’s dance, powered by crunchy stabs that play like the soundtrack to an action movie. The extended versions of the EP come with reMixes of the title track from Punks Jump Up (on the iTunes version), who deliver a twisted retro Acidic mix, Junior (on the Beatport version) ‘s glitchy Electro-House builder and Herr Styler (on the Juno version) with a deep, raw sounding, House mix with a hypnotic groove. For the title track alone it’s contender for single of the month.

♫ Moonlight Matters (Feat. Gustraph) – Come For Me

Moonlight Matters’ ‘Come For Me’ EP is out now via Beatport and 18th June elsewhere.

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