[Audio] Crazy P’s ‘Burning’


Crazy P

London based Disco collective Crazy P have a new record coming out next month on Bristol’s own Futureboogie imprint. The four track MTS Vol. 2 EP looks like it;s going to be pretty amazing if the first track to break ground is any indication. Burning premièred this week over on Mixmag and we can’t stop listening to it. Bring on the EP!

Burning seems like a strange beast but it all perfectly makes sense. A stripped down slab of synthetic Disco, a heavyweight Robo-Funk groove with a hypnotic hook. But more than that, the melding of Acid burbling and electronic Disco is something we’ve been saying we need to hear more of for a while now, and Cray P have nailed it with Burning, rolling from sweet retro funk to 303-esque House riffs with an effortless cool. We’re definitely interested to hear the rest of the EP.

♫ Crazy P – Burning

Crazy P’s MTS Vol. 2 EP is due out 4th November.

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