Check out the first two demos from stardate the latest project from the mind that brought you 80s Stallone. His mission to give him self some freedom defined only by the use of hardware synths.

I don’t know if he’ll thank me for posting these demos, and EP is on the way but these are his first experimentations within his new parameters, but I couldn’t help myself, as a fan of electronic music these two tracks were too good to pass by. ‘Universal Pilot’ is at once ominous and uplifting, with these two roles being taken by the bass/pads and the melody, and it’s the capturing of these two moods that gives the track it’s cinematic feel. Heavy synth bass and arpeggios opposing, but working together in a Jarre-esque mid-paced peice. ‘Untill You Die’ walks a similar road but with more of a resolution to it, this is end of the movie stuff with a hint of guitar creeping in amongst the electronics and a bit of a sunrise feel.

♫ stardate – Universal Pilot (Demo.)

♫ stardate – Untill You Die (Demo.)

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