Age Of Consent cover Tim Capello

Age Of Consent

Yes, you read that right, some has covered Tim Capello. OK people, we’re through the looking glass here. Tim Capello’s I Still Believe is one of the greatest songs ever written, I don’t think anyone has been brave enough to cover it up until now. Enter London Moody ElectroPoppers Age Of Consent. May god have mercy on their souls.

To be fair to them they have a good old crack at it. What their cover lacks in saxophone (boo!), it makes up for in ominous, dread-filled snyths and pounding drums (yay!). Age Of Consents version is actually quite cinematic (the original comes from he soundtrack o The Lost Boys), carrying with it an underlying sense of drama amidst the industrial hammerfall sounds and vintage SynthPop atmosphere. An impressive dark-dancefloor tune that’s just missing a sax solo.

Age of Consent – I Still Believe (Tim Cappello Cover)

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Shy Child reMix Age Of Consent

Age Of Consent

We love keytar wielding NYC Indie-ElectroPoppers Shy Child, it’s been far, far, too long since we heard anything from them. In fact, we had feared they had thrown in the towel. Luckily for us London ElectroPop outfit Age Of Consent  has shown us differently by getting the noisy twosome to reMix their awesome current single Heartbreak.

Shy Child continue the funky journey the began with their fourth proper album, Liquid Love. And Age Of Consent gives them excellent tools to work with, their post-Italo/dark ElectroPop belter is the perfect fodder for a makeover by Shy Child’s hybrid of New York Disco and abrasive Indie-Electro. Shy Child bring a wobbly bassline and some of that New York electronic eclecticness to the table and completely changes the mood of the track from one of Industrial jackhammer Pop to relaxed electronic cool that would work just as well in the club as on the headphones.

Age of Consent – Heartbreak (Shy Child reMix)

Age of Consent’s Heartbreak is out now.

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Age Of Consent’s new video

London based retro ElectroPop outfit Age Of Consent’s new single ‘Heartbreak’ was released this week on their Bandcamp page for the cheap price of ‘whatever you want’.

It’s a stomping, powerful classic SynthPop track, check the video directed by Gareth Phillips for some retro video visual to go with that Depeche Mode/Nitzer Ebb pounding.

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