[Audio] St. Lucia’s ‘All Eyes On You’ reMixed by Goldroom



Here’s a meeting of two of Americas finest purveyors of blissful tunes. New Yorks hazy ElectroPop sensation, St. Lucia released one of the albums of the year in 2013, and on that album was a little track called All Eyes On You. A tack which looks set to be his next single if the looks of this brand new reMix from the-man-with-the-Dreamwave-plan Goldroom is to be believed.

There’s some devilish purcussion going on in this one. Goldroom tune just make you want to get up and dance (if it’s sunny, if it’s not the make you want to close your eyes and pretend you’re dancing in the sun), and that’s heightened with the drums on this reMix. Embracing St. Lucia’s dreamy ElectroPop sound, Goldroom delivers a floaty Beach House tune to get carried away in. We weren’t going to mention the Sax, we were going to just let you discover it. But the sax!

♫ St. Lucia – All Eyes On You (Goldroom reMix)

St. Lucia’s début album When The Night is out now.

Buy St. Lucia’s music from:

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