[Download] I Am Snow Angel’s ‘Let Me Go’ & ‘Grey White December’


I Am Snow Angel

We weren’t sure if I Am Snow Angel was called I Am Snow Angel, or whether it was just Snow Angel and the ‘I Am’; was added because all the Snow Angel usernames were taken. But apparently it is I AM Snow Angel, which has actually got a nice ring to it. Julie Kathryn is a New York based SynthPop artist with a sweet line in dreamy electronic sounds and is gearing up for the February release of her début EP. Check out two of the releases tracks right now.

Let Me Go  is a swirling embrace of calming synthesizer sounds and one of the most interesting voices we’ve come across this year. Kathryn’s distinct voice conveys both a fragility and a deep passion as she half lilts, half growls her way through the song. Pulsating arpeggios and haunting keys form the undercurrent of the track, which carries and almost ScaniPop flavour, making what would be a gentle, ethereal track suitable for the dancefloor. Grey White December delivers more of the same, but with a husky soul to the vocals and a Chillwave feel to the beat heavy, smokey music. I Am Snow Angel is definitely one to keep an eye on in 2014.

I Am Snow Angel – Let Me Go

I Am Snow Angel – Grey White December

I Am Snow Angel’s début EP is due out 18th February.

Check out more from I Am Snow Angel on SoundCloud.

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