[Download] Adeyhawke’s ‘Disco Idalium’



Irish SynthWaver Adeyhawke is knocking them out these days! We’re still rocking to his recently released Kodachrome Sundae EP and his Happiness Cage side project; and he’s released another new track. This is Disco Idalium, and it’s a big one! Not only that, but it’s a free download. Get involved!

Disco Idalium is more of Adeyhawke’s bombastic, chopped up, retro Electro. The way Adeyhawke bring vintage 80s sounds straight to the big room is nothing short of genius. The tough beats and growling Electro is tempered with a slick, Top Of the Pops flavour, to create something that’s both fun and a dancefloor compulsion. But it’s Adeyhawke’s complex and funky-as-hell basslines that get us every time.

Adeyhawke – Disco Idalium

Adeyhawke’s Kodachrome Sundae EP is out now.

Buy Adeyhawke’s music from:

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