[MP3] Jody Wisternoff’s ‘Feels Like Yesterday’

Bristol dance music legend, both solo and as half of Way Out West, Jody Wisternoff dropped a new track this week. An unreleased tune from the recording of his Trails We Blaze album of last year. It’s a storming addition to the record, and it’s free, and it’s called Feels Like Yesterday.

Bringing together a solid Progressive vibe with a tiny nit of a Disco swing in the use of the breakbeat, Feels Like Yesterday is an intoxicating rush of emotional electronics. Gently pads and haunting piano are contrasted with a pounding rhythm to generate a euphoric, sunrise experience. Drawing you in with it’s synthetic beauty, Feels Like Yesterday soon leads you down a road toward a full-on synth wig-out. Captivating stuff.

Jody Wisternoff – Feels Like Yesterday

Jody Wisternoff’s Trails We Blaze album is out now.

Buy Jody Wisternoff’s music from:


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