[MP3] Kids At Midnight’s ‘Habits’

Kids At Midnight

Some deep sounds now from Jane Elizabeth Hanley’s Kids At Midnight project. Since their Let You Slide EP on Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music, Kids At Midnight’s releases have, more and more, been exploring a more moddy, emotional, end of the ElectroPop spectrum, taking in influences from Deep House and Warehouse vibes. This new track, Habits, is the epitome of that sound.

Achingly beautiful, Habits is an intoxicating swirl of night-time sounds. Smokey and dreamlike, the track melds a House beat with ominous tones and a haunting piano line which provide an insomniac backing for Jane’s ethereal diva vocals that phase in and out of the track like whispers on the wind. An alluring soundtrack to those who just can’t sleep.

Kids At Midnight – Habits

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