Mirror Kisses

Mirror Kisses

American SynthPop duo Mirror Kisses stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox over the weekend to drop off their latest tune. This duo hail from Virginia and produce some pretty authentic sounding ‘80’s tracks and are currently previewing tunes from their forthcoming ‘Bad Dreams’ album.

Their latest track to get your sonic juices flowing is ‘Proud’, three minutes of sumptuous epic SynthPop. Catchy, with a melancholic edge the track mixes up a driving beat and sweet melodies with moody vocals and ominous chords to create a sound that could easily fit in the current, post-HURTS, wave of *ahem* Dark Pop (Sweet Raptor Jesus, I hate that term). It a rousing track that pushes it’s emotion to the forefront and manages to feel nostalgic without feeling like a pastiche. ‘Takeover’ is another track from their new LP,  it’s more of an upbeat number with an optimistic groove to it and instrumentation that leans toward classic ‘80’s movie soundtracks.  These two tracks hint at a album that’ll deliver a collection that is both rich in synthesizer warmth and cold as ice. Mirror Kisses are definitely an duo that we’ll be keeping an eye on in the coming months.

Mirror Kisses – Proud

Mirror Kisses – Takeover

Mirror Kisses new album, ‘Bad Dreams’ is due out 16th June on Chill Mega Chill.

Buy Mirror Kisses’ music from:

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