Pyramid reMixed by Monsieur Adi


Last week we told you to go and but Pyramid’s long awaited reMix EP companion to his Sci-Fi epic ‘Rising Day’. Well, it’s out now, did you buy it? Of course you did, it’s awesome! just in-case you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s Monsieur Adi contribution to the collection to convince you further.

Turning his attention to ‘Citizen’ from ‘Rising Day’, Adi works his, frankly awe inspiring, cinematic electronic magic on the track. As epic ad you would expect from Adi, this reMix is also driving and powerful, based around a rough, distorted bassline. An unusual grittiness for Adi, but have no fear, the dirty Disco is still layered with his rousing orchestration. Monsieur Adi delivers a full on pedal-to-the-metal dancefloor destroyer with the dual goals of hard dance and emotional resonance. It’s a futuristic car chase with you in the drivers seat. But this whole EP now!

♫ Pyramid – Citizen (Monsieur Adi reMix)

The ‘Rising Day reMixes’ EP is out now on Beatport.

Buy Pyramid’s music from:


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