Yellow Magic Orchestra edit from Chrome Canyon

Yellow Magic Orchestra

Here’s a bit of a treat from Brooklyn funkster Chrome Canyon, who’s  On The Fruit Records released ‘Body Music EP from earlier this year still gets some heavy rotation. It’s his edit of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s classic ‘Techopolis’ (possibly my fourth favourite YMO track!).

If you’ve ever thought to yourself ‘I love ‘Technopolis’, but I’d really like a more modern version with a pumping contemporary beat so I could work it into one of my sets’ then you are in so much luck. The essence of YMO’s track is all here, with pretty minimal chopping up, the riff and basslines are all where you remember leaving them. There are a couple of cuts here and there but the majority of additions come in the form of some lovely filtering and modulation and bringing a rhythm fit for dancefloors in 2012. It’s giving the original such a new lease of life. I’ll definitely be playing this out.

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Technopolis (Chrome Canyon Rework)

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