Paris ElectroPop duo Neonbirds hare about to bust onto the scene with their début album and a raw sound.

‘Ignition’s Cold, Oxygen’s Pale’ is released in November and if this first track to see the light, ‘Substitutes’ is anything to go by then we’re in for a treat. The song itself is pretty Poppy, which a particularly catchy and epic chorus, but the sound is far from it. This is post-industrial noise Pop, ElectroPop with an edge. From the EBM bassline to the Justice-esque classical arrangement, this track owes as much to Skinny Puppy as it does to French ElectroPop. The combination of the Poppy and the Raw, along with a certain majestic quality bode well from Neonbirds album.

Neonbirds – Substitutes

‘Ignition’s Cold, Oxygen’s Pale’ is out 28th November, until the check out more from Neonbirds on SoundCloud.

Buy Neonbirds’s music from:


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