[Video] WhoMadeWho’s ‘Dreams’


WhoMadeWho   Dreams  official video    YouTube

The title track of their forthcoming new album. Dreams is also the new single from Danish Electro staples WhoMadeWho, and a surprisingly chilled slice of Indie-tinged summery ElectroPop.

Check out the video, directed by Lasse Martinussen, which plays on the slower grove of the track with a ton of slo-mo.

WhoMadeWho’s Dreams is released 3rd March

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[Download] WhoMadeWho’s ‘Hiding In Darkness’



Danish trio and staple of the interesting Electro scene WhoMadeWho have shared a new track taken from their forthcoming new album, Dreams. The track, Hiding In Darkness follows on from the album’s premier single, The Morning, and gives us a different, deeper taste of what we could be looking forward to on the new record.

This track is a big old melting pot of genres, all wrapped up in a slick, downtempo, House mood. With a classic moody SynthPop vocal, wicked Disco licks and spacious House grooves. With an almost Industrial purcussion, the track (unsurprisingly inspired by legendary Berlin Techno club; Berghain) the track has an edgy, enigmatic quality that give the tune new levels without ever interfering with the dancefloor catchiness.

WhoMadeWho – Hiding In Darkness

WhoMadeWho’s Dreams is released 3rd March

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WhoMadeWho reMixed by Figure Of 8


I’m starting to wonder if Figure Of 8 really is just one guy, as he claims, or whether it’s actually a conglomerate of producers working round the clock. There seems to be a new Figure Of 8 reMix every week, and with no letting up on quality there can be no way just one man can keep up that schedule. Unless he is superhuman. Figure Of 8 might be superhuman?

So, this week we have this awesome deep Piano House reMix of WhoMadeWho’s ‘Never Had The Time’, a laid back, enveloping track that wraps you in it’s warm, woody, bassline and hammering melodies. Bolstered by a gently hypnotic piano riff and chimes the reMix makes great use of the quite vocals as another instrument in it’s in it’s smooth, dreamy House groove.

WhoMadeWho – Never Had The Time (Figure Of 8 reMix)

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In Flagranti album out soon


March 24th sees the release of the In Flagranti album ‘Brash & Vulgar’ (April 21st for download)

Here you can check out the title track, it’s a dark electronic Disco with the typical In Flagranti vocal cuts and a storming Electro bassline.

In Flagranti – Brash & Vulgar (zShare) (MediaFire)

This reMix they did for WhoMadeWho has been out a while now, but it’s one of those tunes that grows on you (on me at least!).

WhoMadeWho – Out The Door (In Flagranti reMix) (zShare) (MediaFIre)

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