WhoMadeWho reMixed by Figure Of 8


I’m starting to wonder if Figure Of 8 really is just one guy, as he claims, or whether it’s actually a conglomerate of producers working round the clock. There seems to be a new Figure Of 8 reMix every week, and with no letting up on quality there can be no way just one man can keep up that schedule. Unless he is superhuman. Figure Of 8 might be superhuman?

So, this week we have this awesome deep Piano House reMix of WhoMadeWho’s ‘Never Had The Time’, a laid back, enveloping track that wraps you in it’s warm, woody, bassline and hammering melodies. Bolstered by a gently hypnotic piano riff and chimes the reMix makes great use of the quite vocals as another instrument in it’s in it’s smooth, dreamy House groove.

WhoMadeWho – Never Had The Time (Figure Of 8 reMix)

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