[Video] Tesla Boy’s ‘Another Light’

Here’s a cool video that Russian Dreamwave/ElectroPop champions Tesla Boy have put together for the B-side of their recent Split single, Another Light.

It’s 80s as hell, and so shiny that it hurts to watch, like staring at the sun.

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[Video] Tesla Boy’s ‘Split’

Yesterday we dropped Russian Dreamwave superstars Tesla Boy’s amazing new single ‘Split’, now there’s a video for the track.

Andrey Krauzov directs Tesla Boy in some atmospheric city-nights and smokey urban days situations.

Tesla Boy’s Split is out now.

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[Audio] Tesla Boy’s’ Split’

tesla boy

Russia’s Dreamwave superstars Tesla Boy are easily one of our favourite acts to emerge in the last decade. Ranging from nostalgic Dreamwave to catchy ElectroPop, Anton and crew always inject their tracks with so much soul it’s hard not to get sucked in. Their 2012 album, Modern Thrills is an actual masterpiece of Disco tinged SynthPop, and that might sound like hyperbole, but just listen to it, you’ll see.

This week they release a brand new single, which we have been very much looking forward to. it’s called Split and it doesn’t disappoint. No-one quite does, what is essentially vocal SynthWave, quite like Tesla Boy. Split has a big, powerful sound but keeps it personal with the vocals. Huge retro synths chords and arpeggiated bass dominate the chorus and before the track brings it back down low for the verse, just to build you up again. With the prefect tempo for a laid back groove, not too fast, but not to chilled either, Split is a huge, and welcome, return for Tesla Boy. It’s B-side, Another Light mixes up a little Indie and a tiny bit of a Tropical sound into Tesla Boy’s Synth repertoire before going large for the sing-a-long chorus. reMixes on the single come from Pioneerball, SoundSAM and St. Petersburg Disco outfit 7th Myriads, who deliver a piano House infused, summery Disco, version of Split, with a beach party vibe. Hopefully this single is the precursor to a new album, which would be an awesome start to 2013.

♫ Tesla Boy – Split

♫ Tesla Boy – Another Light

♫ Tesla Boy – Split (7he Myriads reMix)

Tesla Boy’s Split is out now.

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Tesla Boy + Satin Jackets + KLar&PF = The Socialites

The Socialites

Just like Hannibal, we love it when a plan comes together, so do Glam Jam who have put together an unbelievable trio of talent for their latest release. What happens when you put Russia’s Tesla Boy, one of the greatest DiscoPop acts in the world, fellow St. Petersburg based producers KLar&PF and Glam Jam’s own German smooth Disco king Satin Jackets together? The Socialites.

The result is Only This Moment, a track of which their are two versions, Satin Jackets mix and KLar&PF’s take. Both tracks are pinned down by the vocals of Tesla Boy’s Antonionni Sevidov, here doing his best Michael McDonald voice (we don’t think we’ve ever heard him croon so much). Satin Jackets delivers a slick Yacht like mix of the track.. A laidback funk bass and warm organ chords provide a real nautical Disco vibe, sounding like an instant classic. It’s a slow and sexy track that really works it’s groove. KLar&PF’s Only This Moment injects the track with more of an uplifting mood, whilst retaining the chilled Disco sound, it works in some euphoric lead lines and a smooth beach Disco outlook. Glam Jam are on to a late night winner right here.

♫ The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy) – Only This Moment (Satin Jackets Mix)

♫ The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy) – Only This Moment (KLar&PF Mix)

The Socialites (Feat. Tesla Boy)’s Only This Moment is released 1st October.

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Tesla Boy’s ‘Fantasy’ video

Here’s the new video for the amazing Tesla Boy’s devastatingly good recent single Fantasy.

Complimenting the sexy DiscoPop is a clip featuring model Dasha Malygina. i should tell you something about it, but I’ll wait until you’ve watched it.

It’s NSFW, just so you know.

Tesla Boy’s Fantasy is out now.

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Tesla Boy’s ‘Fantasy’


This week the new single by one of our favourite acts, Muscovite retro SynthPop act Tesla Boy is released . Hopefully this signposts the lead in to their new album, although their début full length record, Modern Thrills’ still get’s a hell of a lot of play around these parts, it’s definitely time for a new one.

Tesla Boy are one of a seriously tiny handful of bands who have successfully merged SynthWave, Nu-Disco and ElectroPop, in that they write proper Pop songs but I can think of few other vocal Pop artists who’s tracks sound like Nu-Disco tracks, or Dreamwave tracks. How they haven’t gain more attention if a mystery to me. ‘Fantasy’ is a smooth, perfectly Tesla Boy track. The deep funk synth bass is there playing against the choppy New Wave guitar, the Disco beat and vintage synth work. But the centrepiece of any Tesla Boy track is Anton’s trademark impassioned croon. This new track is just as catchy and warm as we’ve come to expect from Tesla Boy, who really are one of the best ElectroPop bands in the world today. Hopefully this years releases will seem them reaching the wider audience they deserve.

♫ Tesla Boy – Fantasy

‘Fantasy’ is out now on Gorby Regan Records with hints of a new EP on the horizon.

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Tesla Boy’s new tune

tesla boy

Russia’s greatest ElectroPop export Tesla Boy have dropped a new track, and a taste of what to expect from them in 2012.

‘Waste My Body’ combines that classic smooth Tesla Boy sound with a touch more aggression. The bass, in particular, has more balls to it whist the chorus is surprisingly full-on Pop for these guys, which a nice ‘80’s touch. You can see where the band is heading, funnelling retro Pop and Nu-Disco in to one energetic output. We’re definitely looking forward to Tesla Boy’s new album.

♫ Tesla Boy – Waste My Body

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Tesla Boy’s ‘In Your Eyes’ reMixes

tesla boy

In celebration of hitting the 20,000 ‘likes’ mark on Facebook, Tesla Boy, Russia’s kings of ElectroPop have dropped a ton of new reMixes.

These additional mixes of ‘In Your Eyes’, the track the guys had featured on the last Kitsuné Maison compilation range from Taras 3000’s downtempo SynthPop to Lipelis’ jacking ‘90’s House takes on the track. The front runners would have to be Lipelis’ original reMix, which is like and Acid warehouse party in your headphones and Volta Cab’s smooth, laid back, Electro Funk. A solid groove and tons of soul.

Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Volta Cab reMix)

Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Lipelis reMix)

Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Lipelis ‘Was Here’ Dub)

Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Taras 3000 reMix)

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Tesla Boy’s ‘In Your Eyes’

tesla boy

Later this month the raining champions of Russian ElectroPop, Tesla Boy, crash back into the ring with a new track on the forthcoming twelfth edition of Kitsuné Music’s ‘Maison’  compilation series.

‘In Your Eyes’ is pure smooth Tesla Boy and a welcome return. A mid-tempo Dreamwave groover that perfectly bridges the gap between SynthPop and Nu-Disco. Not sparing the funk in the bass department, ‘In Your Eyes’ also has the crooning excellence of an early ‘80’s ballad. Fellow Mullet Records alumni Satin Jackets step up for reMix duties, bringing their brand of soulful Disco to the tune in their percussion lead late night version.

♫ Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Radio Edit)

♫ Tesla Boy – In Your Eyes (Satin Jackets reMix)

Kitsuné Maison 12 ‘The Good Fun Issue’ is released 21st November.

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Toomy Disco reMixes Tesla Boy


The undisputed Russian kings of smooth ElectroPop Tesla Boy’s ‘Thinking Of You’ has been given a Toomy Disco workout.

Thinking Of you’ is one of the standout tracks on Tesla Boy’s already standout album and Toomy Disco give it the bright sparkly Disco edit treatment. This one’s all about the bouncy bass and shimmering synths from the original turned up to 11. In Toomy Disco’s own words: “If you think this is cheesy, go to hell and bring me some candies ♥".

Tesla Boy – Thinking Of You (Toomy Disco Unofficial reMix)

‘Thinking Of You’ is taken from Tesla’ Boy’s outstanding album, ‘Modern Thrills, out now on Mullet Records.

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