Tesla Boy’s ‘Fantasy’


This week the new single by one of our favourite acts, Muscovite retro SynthPop act Tesla Boy is released . Hopefully this signposts the lead in to their new album, although their début full length record, Modern Thrills’ still get’s a hell of a lot of play around these parts, it’s definitely time for a new one.

Tesla Boy are one of a seriously tiny handful of bands who have successfully merged SynthWave, Nu-Disco and ElectroPop, in that they write proper Pop songs but I can think of few other vocal Pop artists who’s tracks sound like Nu-Disco tracks, or Dreamwave tracks. How they haven’t gain more attention if a mystery to me. ‘Fantasy’ is a smooth, perfectly Tesla Boy track. The deep funk synth bass is there playing against the choppy New Wave guitar, the Disco beat and vintage synth work. But the centrepiece of any Tesla Boy track is Anton’s trademark impassioned croon. This new track is just as catchy and warm as we’ve come to expect from Tesla Boy, who really are one of the best ElectroPop bands in the world today. Hopefully this years releases will seem them reaching the wider audience they deserve.

♫ Tesla Boy – Fantasy

‘Fantasy’ is out now on Gorby Regan Records with hints of a new EP on the horizon.

Buy Tesla Boy’s music from:


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