[Download] Mild Peril’ ‘Themes’ EP


Mild Peril

We’ve been waiting for this EP to drop for a little while now, a couple of weeks ago London Italomeister Mild Peril unleashed his interpretation of the Doctor Who theme tune to coincide with the shows 50th Anniversary with hints that a whole EP of TV themes was to come. Well, here it is, three tracks of synthesizer bliss with enough nostalgia to put a smile on your face.

There’s three tracks on the EP, we’re going to present two here and let you discover the third, Mild Peril’s rework of the A Game Of Thrones theme tune, for yourself. Of the other two one is a pure revelation. Would we ever in a million years think Aled Jones’ Walking In The Air from the Raymond Briggs cartoon The Snowman would make an amazing dark Italo song? That’ll be a no. But y’know what? It really does. Mild Peril gently lays down washes of electronic, atmospheric sound and building arpeggios until when that instantly recognisable refrain emerges all thoughts of Welsh chiorboys has gone from your mind and your just left with a pulsating synthetic soundscape and one of the richest riffs we’ve heard in a while and some beautiful playing. Who’s There?, obviously the Doctor Who theme, opens with some dialogue form the shows very first episode, and proceeds to have fun with the tune. Whipping the theme’s lead line into an Italo frenzy, Mild Peril layers twisting snyths against a shuffling beat and the cultural icon that is the track’s bassline really capturing mood the show’s 80s years. You should all definitely check out this EP, producing TV theme cover version without producing extra helping of cheese is quite a feat, but Mild Peril pulls it off with style.

Mild Peril – Airwalking/The Snow Man

Mild Peril – Who’s There?

Mild Peril’s Themes EP is out now, grab a copy on Bandcamp.

Buy Mild Peril’s music from:

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