[Download] Mild Peril’s ‘Excalibur’ EP


Mild Peril

London’s finest purveyor of Italo and Space Synth Mild Peril with a new three track EP is cosmic, electronic, voyages. Serving as a precursor to his forthoming second album, Excalibur delivers three tracks of what Mild Peril called “Mediaeval Synth”, and we’d call beautiful, funky, synthetic dreams. Strap in.

The EP’s title track serves up a platter of pounding Industrial beats and blissful vintage synths. The mixture of punchy sounds and hazy, sweeping keys that we’ve come to expect from Mild Peril is present and correct. Rich and emotive, Excalibur is just he first part of this journey, but one that completely enthrals over it’s seven minute length. As Excalibur  is a reworking of Sequence 1, Galatine re-treads ground covered by Sequence 2 sending it into strange magical places backed with a stomping EBM beat, peppering it with zippy synths and a bouncy European basslines, all leading up to a soaring and involving solo. First featuring on his Themes EP Mild Peril’s cover of the Game Of Thrones theme, Throne Of Swords, is given a dark ages danceable tweak with this new version, a track to surprise and delight seedy Italo dancefloors. We can’t recommend Mild Peril enough for serious synthesizer music fans.

Mild Peril – Excalibur

Mild Peril – Galatine

Mild Peril – Throne Of Swords (Red Wedding Dance)

Mild Peril’s Excalibur EP is out now at Bandcamp.

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