Robots With Rayguns’ new album

robots with rayguns

Today sees the release of LA ElectroPop producer Robots With Rayguns’ second album. Following 2010’s Electro Isn’t Dead, this new record sees Lucas Patrick Smith continuing down his path of retro styled SynthPop with modern production.

RWR is a collection of ten dancefloor oriented synthesizer workouts. Robots With Rayguns’ music has always been painted with a brush of retro 80’s synth, but sounds too clean and digital to really sit amongst the vintage haze of SynthWave and Outrun, and RWR perfectly displays this unique sound. Take Reflex, the album’s first track proper, it’s a grinding Nu-Disco-esque groove with lush Dreamwave synths and a little chainsaw Electro in there, but the biting production give it a Germanic, almost EBM edge, making it slightly more abrasive, more aggressive than it’s counterparts. Your Love, featuring the vocals of Blu-J is an example of Robots With Rayguns at his best, when working with a simple vocal hook, RWR seems to shine that little bit brighter, and be able to bring some of that ‘80’s warmth into his tracks. This culminates in his collaboration with Patrick Baker, Runaway, the album’s highlight. On Runaway Patrick’s vocals are bring a real human feel, allowing Robots With Rayguns to deliver a rich synthetic backing track (including his beloved pitched up vocals) which combines to produce a catchy , euphoric, ElectroPop monster. Elsewhere the album slips between blissful, nostalgic, Dreamwave-esque tracks and full-on Electro floorfillers. Occasionally RWR slips into Futurecop! lite, but when Robots With Rayguns finds his own voice, the album really flies.

♫ Robots With Rayguns (Feat. Patrick Baker) – Runaway

♫ Robots With Rayguns – Reflex

♫ Robots With Rayguns – Control

♫ Robots With Rayguns – Keep It Simple

Robots With Rayguns’ RWR is out today on Bandcamp.

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She’s The Queen & Robots With Rayguns

She’s The Queen

I’m predicting big things for She’s The Queen. Still riding high on the euphoria of being featured on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ the ElectroPop duo made the slightly confused decision to sign with a record label, that record label being the freshly formed electronic rumors, a decision they made under the advice of their manager, me, do you see where this is going? I’m not really their manager (they just bully me into doing that) I am, however, releasing their new single and some amazing reMixes, it’s gonna’ be huge, but more more on that in the coming months.

Right now check out our friend Lucas, A.K.A. Robots With Rayguns’, reMix of ‘Plead To The DJ’. He’s taken the track and crafted on of those tracks that leads a double life. On first glace it’s a big room, peak time dancefloor destroyer, complete with heavily cut-up and pitched vocals, real Ministry Of Sound stuff. But the track is actually deceptively laid back, the more you listed to it the more you realise it’s actually the prefect soundtrack to rollerblading on Venice Beach or [insert other summery activity here]. It’s that dreamy lead line that makes it, all lush synths played with flourish.

She’s The Queen – Plead To The DJ (Robots With Rayguns reMix)

She’s The Queen self-titled début EP is out now.

Their new single is coming out when we’re ready, hold your horses!

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Robots With Rayguns reMixes Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Robots With Rayguns is on a reMix roll this week, he’s now tackled Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’.

Now, i wouldn’t have though it before listening, but how this tune sounds actually makes a lot of sense. what do you get if you add a Robots With Rayguns track and a Nicki Minaj track? The answer is a Futurecop! track! Alright, so it’s not a Futurecop! track, but it shares a lot of DNA with much of Futurecop!’s amazing ‘It’s Forever, Kids!’ album. ‘80’s inspired ElectroPop with slick rapping over the top is Futurecop!’s forté and RWR takes that formula and runs with it with is new reMix. the resultant tune is poppy, funky and a lot of fun.

Nicki Minaj – Super Bass (Robots With Rayguns Mix)

Check out Robots With Rayguns tunes on SoundCloud.

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Topless reMixed by Robots With Rayguns


Topless are an ElectroPop duo from Holland who’s free ‘Topless’ EP is five tracks of pure retro Pop set firmly in the late ‘80’s and very early ‘90’s, complete with early House basslines and New Order-esque use of sampling. Add to this some insanely catchy songs and you have a very cool EP.

The lead track of the EP ‘Say You Love Me’ has been given the reMix treatment by LA ElectroPop dude Robots With Rayguns. Mr. Rayguns, Lucas Patrick Smith, takes the track further back in time a few years, to the early/mid ‘80’s, and seems to inject the tune with a little Electro-Soul from that period. He reels thins in from being frantic ElectroPop to being smooth SynthPop (yes, there is a difference, deal with it!) and in doing so give the track a bit more of a laid back summer vibe.

Topless – Say You Love Me (Robots With Rayguns Mix)

Topless – Say You Love Me

Pick up Topless’ début EP on their SoundCloud page.

Avril Lavigne gets ElectroPopped-up by Robots With Rayguns

Well, when I started electronic rumors I never really had it in mind that one day Avril Lavigne would be gracing our little publication, but thanks to Mr. Smith, A.K.A. Robots With Rayguns, and his thinking-outside-of-the-box reMix choices here we go!

I do love the man’s mixes and this reMix right here is truly inspired. I’ll be honest, I’m not really familiar with the original, but I assume it is Avril’s typical band of PopPunk which RwR has brilliant translated into a seriously quality ElectroPop tune. When her Avril’s vocals are partnered with electronic music there emerges a hint of Katy Perry about her performance, but without being one of the most irritating people on the planet (well, slightly less irritating than Ms. Perry) and it works. Don’t ask me how but it just works. Love the synths in the chorus!

The more I listen to it the more I like it!

Avril Lavigne – What The Hell (Robots With Rayguns Mix)

I have decided, Avril Lavigne needs to morph into an ElectroPop artist!

Avril Lavigne @ Beatport

Avril Lavigne @ Juno

Avril Lavigne @ 7Digital

Avril Lavigne @ Amazon

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Robots With Rayguns – In Your Arms

Lucas Patrick Smith A.K.A. Robots With Rayguns always makes me take notice when he drops a new track, he’s been steadily releasing some of the best 80’s influenced dance music and reMixes around over the past couple of years but despite a few blog column inches seems to have missed out on some of the big hype he deserves.

His latest tune, ‘In Your Arms’ is a three and a half minutes of perfect feel good retro Dreamwave dance pop with a spot-on manipulated vocal sample and a rockin’ distorted synth wailing throughout.

♫ Robots With Rayguns – In Your Arms

I would honestly love to hear a full length album from RwR. I reckon, given 10 or more tracks in which to breathe, Lucas could pull of a masterpiece!

Robots With Rayguns @ Amazon

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Robots With Rayguns

Robots With Rayguns is Lucas Patrick Smith, a 80’s influenced dancey ElectroPop producer who has gained quite a few blog inches for himself in recent months with his awesome reMixes of Lady GaGa, Chromeo and NightWaves.

His latest output is ‘Sugarbaby’, an storming piece of retro Electro, skilfully straddling the line between ElectroPop and Nu-Disco, it’s like a poppier Grum (if you can imagine that!). TSTR provide a high octane Dreamwave mix that rocks it’s way through numerous 80’s musical references.

Robots With Rayguns – Sugarbaby

Robots With Rayguns – Sugarbaby (TSTR reMix)

You can check out more of Robots With Rayguns’ work on his SoundCloud.

Robots With Rayguns @ SoundCloud

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