She’s The Queen & Robots With Rayguns

She’s The Queen

I’m predicting big things for She’s The Queen. Still riding high on the euphoria of being featured on ‘electronic rumors Volume 1’ the ElectroPop duo made the slightly confused decision to sign with a record label, that record label being the freshly formed electronic rumors, a decision they made under the advice of their manager, me, do you see where this is going? I’m not really their manager (they just bully me into doing that) I am, however, releasing their new single and some amazing reMixes, it’s gonna’ be huge, but more more on that in the coming months.

Right now check out our friend Lucas, A.K.A. Robots With Rayguns’, reMix of ‘Plead To The DJ’. He’s taken the track and crafted on of those tracks that leads a double life. On first glace it’s a big room, peak time dancefloor destroyer, complete with heavily cut-up and pitched vocals, real Ministry Of Sound stuff. But the track is actually deceptively laid back, the more you listed to it the more you realise it’s actually the prefect soundtrack to rollerblading on Venice Beach or [insert other summery activity here]. It’s that dreamy lead line that makes it, all lush synths played with flourish.

She’s The Queen – Plead To The DJ (Robots With Rayguns reMix)

She’s The Queen self-titled début EP is out now.

Their new single is coming out when we’re ready, hold your horses!

Buy She’s the Queen’s music from:

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