Topless’ EP


A few months back we introduced you to Dutch funky ElectroPop duo Topless and their track ‘Say you Love Me’, and awesome slice of with a nice ‘80’s electronic Soul feel to it.

The track is now getting a proper release as part of the ‘Topless EP’, sitting it’s retro dance alongside tracks like ‘Saint Tropez’, a track that mixes the bands Italo core with a groovy ‘80’s Pop feel that starts to sound uncannily like Curiosity Killed the Cat meeting Heaven 17. ‘Vamos A Bailar’ is more pure Italo, in face it’s the kind of pure vintage sounding Italo that we haven’t heard the likes of since Heartbreak. This kind of old school DiscoPop we could do with a lot more of in the world. ‘We Both Know’ dials down the tempo a bit for a slick and soulful electronic ballad, before ending the EP on a high energy ‘Trouble Girl’. The whole EP is perfect material for Italo fans looking for something fresh or retro ElectroPop fans.

♫ Topless – Saint Tropez

♫ Topless – Vamos A Bailar

♫ Topless – We Both Know

The ‘Topless EP’ get it’s new release on Instant Replay Silk soon.

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Topless reMixed by Robots With Rayguns


Topless are an ElectroPop duo from Holland who’s free ‘Topless’ EP is five tracks of pure retro Pop set firmly in the late ‘80’s and very early ‘90’s, complete with early House basslines and New Order-esque use of sampling. Add to this some insanely catchy songs and you have a very cool EP.

The lead track of the EP ‘Say You Love Me’ has been given the reMix treatment by LA ElectroPop dude Robots With Rayguns. Mr. Rayguns, Lucas Patrick Smith, takes the track further back in time a few years, to the early/mid ‘80’s, and seems to inject the tune with a little Electro-Soul from that period. He reels thins in from being frantic ElectroPop to being smooth SynthPop (yes, there is a difference, deal with it!) and in doing so give the track a bit more of a laid back summer vibe.

Topless – Say You Love Me (Robots With Rayguns Mix)

Topless – Say You Love Me

Pick up Topless’ début EP on their SoundCloud page.