Avril Lavigne gets ElectroPopped-up by Robots With Rayguns

Well, when I started electronic rumors I never really had it in mind that one day Avril Lavigne would be gracing our little publication, but thanks to Mr. Smith, A.K.A. Robots With Rayguns, and his thinking-outside-of-the-box reMix choices here we go!

I do love the man’s mixes and this reMix right here is truly inspired. I’ll be honest, I’m not really familiar with the original, but I assume it is Avril’s typical band of PopPunk which RwR has brilliant translated into a seriously quality ElectroPop tune. When her Avril’s vocals are partnered with electronic music there emerges a hint of Katy Perry about her performance, but without being one of the most irritating people on the planet (well, slightly less irritating than Ms. Perry) and it works. Don’t ask me how but it just works. Love the synths in the chorus!

The more I listen to it the more I like it!

Avril Lavigne – What The Hell (Robots With Rayguns Mix)

I have decided, Avril Lavigne needs to morph into an ElectroPop artist!

Avril Lavigne @ Beatport

Avril Lavigne @ Juno

Avril Lavigne @ 7Digital

Avril Lavigne @ Amazon

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