MiGHty mOUse reMixes Moonlight Matters


Moonlight Matters (Seba from Villa)’s Gustaph from Hercules And Love Affair featuring Come For Me is easily one of the tracks of the year so far, along with a handful of other release it’s really breaking that post Bomb The Bass late ‘90’s Pop sound that just so darn fun. What better to put the icing on the cake that a reMix from London’s dancefloor controller MiGHty mOUse.

The mOUse takes the Chicago House elements of the track and runs with them. It’s an epic song and MM really works that by bringing us down into a hypnotic groove for the verses and then sending us skyrocketing into a massive piano led, euphoric chorus. MM really works the diva nature of the vocals by building tension and adding layers to the verses as they build toward the chorus, where the tension breaks into pure uplifting anthem territory. It’s the attention to detail that really makes this mix shine, full of intricate details, from the percussion to the sampling, it’s impeccable produced, giving it something to rock dancefloors and something to rock your headphones. The track isn’t on the single, it’s an added bonus, so grab the download now.

Moonlight Matters (Feat. Gustraph) – Come For Me (MiGHty mOUse reMix)

Moonlight Matters’ Come For Me EP is out now via Kitsuné Music.

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Moonlight Matters reMixed by Punks Jump Up


You can head over here for our waffle about Moonlight Matters and Gustraph’s new single, ‘Come For Me’. It’s a massive Pop track, with that twanging late ‘80’s digital bass and orchestral hits we love so much. The single is out today on Kitsuné Music, but if you’re just gagging to hear the reMix from London’s Punks Jump Up, well, you’re in luck aren’t you.

Punks Jump Up keep in touch with the late ‘80’s Pop ethos of the track but deconstruct the tune and reconstruct it in their own image. Awash with Electro Boogie, the reMix is a sweet mixture of House beats and B-Boy basslines. Punks Jump Up has also kept on working the orchestral hits, well, who wouldn’t? That would be just crazy. In keeping with the late ‘80’s vibe they’ve also added a little of their Acid tendencies with a burbling 303 hook running underneath that comes into it’s own on the big breakdown. As far as the reMixes go on the single, it’s definitely our favourite, a great addition to the package.

♫ Moonlight Matters (Feat. Gustraph) – Come For Me (Punks Jump Up Freestyle Mix)

Moonlight Matters’ ‘Come To Me’ EP is out now, with the Punks jump up reMix an iTunes exclusive.

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Moonlight Matters’ ‘Come For Me’

Moonlight Matters

Wow, this week is just full of awesome late ‘80’s-esque tunes. This weeks definite highlight comes from Moonlight Matters (Seba from Villa)’s long, long awaited début single, released next month (or now on Beatport) on Kitsuné Music.

Moonlight Matters has been knocking out some of the best reMixes around for the last year or so, but despite some amazing work, we never, never, expected his début to blow us away like ‘Come For Me’ did. The EP’s title track features Gustaph from Hercules And Love Affair and is one of the biggest power Pop tracks you will hear in a while. Combining a slight bit of his Disco groove with that proper late ‘80’s sound that is starting to seep into dance music inbetween all the retro ‘80’s and ‘90’s sounding stuff. You know what I mean, epic stadium vocals, digital bass and those wonderful orchestral hits, and ‘Come For Me; has them all, and uses them perfectly. It’s a track with a tiny bit of melancholy to it, but mostly just makes you want to punch the air. Less Disco more PowerSoulPop was a brilliant move, Moonlight Matters works it perfectly. ‘Standing Up For Love’, brings down the tempo but keeps the same Electronic Soul feel with Starving Yet Full providing an impassioned vocal in a track that features the smoothest of smooth sax solos. One again Seba draws from Pop from the tail end of the ‘80’s and sucks up all the best elements for a pure TOTP experience. The final original track on the EP is ‘Rain Dance’, a lush, atmospheric, dance track. A bit tribal, this is the track that brings Moonlight Matters a bit more into the realm of ‘90’s dance, powered by crunchy stabs that play like the soundtrack to an action movie. The extended versions of the EP come with reMixes of the title track from Punks Jump Up (on the iTunes version), who deliver a twisted retro Acidic mix, Junior (on the Beatport version) ‘s glitchy Electro-House builder and Herr Styler (on the Juno version) with a deep, raw sounding, House mix with a hypnotic groove. For the title track alone it’s contender for single of the month.

♫ Moonlight Matters (Feat. Gustraph) – Come For Me

Moonlight Matters’ ‘Come For Me’ EP is out now via Beatport and 18th June elsewhere.

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Monarchy reMixed by Moonlight Matters

As the reMixes for Monarchy and Britt Love‘s new single, the reworked, ‘You Don’t Won’t To Dance With Me’, Moonlight Matters set the bar pretty high with his new mix.

Bringing in a slightly new style for him, MM drops a bouncy, squelch bassline and goes heavy on the vocal manipulation, but it’s the rock solid piano riff that drives this reMix at the forefront. The piano in combination with the vocals give the track a real big room feel.

Monarchy (Feat. Britt Love) – You Don’t Want To Dance With Me (Moonlight Matters reMix)

‘You Don’t Want To Dance With Me’ originally comes from the ‘Around The Sun’ album, out now, the single comes out in October.

Buy Monarchy’s music from:

Lo Fi Fnk – Boom (Moonlight Matters Remix)


Coming straight off of Lo-Fi-Fnk’s reMix package for their new single, ‘Boom’, here’s the slick Disco of Moonlight Matters’ version.

Sitting alongside reMixes from Yelle DJs (tEPr & GrandMarnier) and Weekend Wolves, Moonlight Matters works his Disco magic. Taking the Swedish ElectroPop outsiders and easing their tune into a  Funk fuelled dense Disco tune is no mean feat, but the Belgian producer pulls it off effortlessly making their abstract vocal style seem perfectly at home amongst the slap bass driven raw Disco sounds.

♫ Lo Fi Fnk – Boom (Moonlight Matters reMix)

‘Boom’ is released 27th June, their new album ‘Last Summer’ is out on on August 17th

Buy Lo-Fi-Fnk’s music from:

Moonlight Matters reMixes Alex Winston

The latest reMix from Moonlight Matters is this version of Alex Winston’s new single ‘Sister Wife’.

Bringing some deep funkin’ analog bass to the table Moonlight Matters mix injects the track with some cool Disco ElectroPop first heard on Aeroplanes’ April mixtape. I’m really digging how Alex’s unique vocals, with the kind of otherworldliness found on The Knife records, sit over the raw synth work here. Love the steel drums too!

Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Moonlight Matters Radio reMix)

The ‘Sister Wife’ EP is out now.

Buy Alex Winston’s music from:


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Moonlight Matters’ reMix of Pacific!’s ‘Unspoken’

Pacific! new single, ‘Unspoken’ is an awesome song in it’s own right, a beautiful electronic narrative that features a haunting vocal performance from El Perro Del Mar.

But, sweet Disco messiah, Moonlight Matters long awaited reMix is a slap bassin’, synth funkin’’, riff soarin’ juggernaut. Moonlight Matters is Belgian Sebastiaan Vandevoorde, one part of Villa, and on this reMix he drops the spooky in favour of shit-loads of late 70’s Disco glam. Pounding into your should, it’s the slap bass that dominates this tune, the heartbeat that allows Moonlight Matters to create something truly epic. If this tune came on during the finale of some inspirational 70’s movie I would not be surprised in the least!

♫ Pacific! (Feat. El Perro Del Mar) – Unspoken (Moonlight Matters reMix)

“Unspoken” is out now on Alan Braxe’s Vulture Music. reMix back up from Santiago & Bushido, Moonlight Matters, Alex Gopher & Pierrick Devin and Anoraak

Pacific! @ Beatport

Pacific! @ Juno

Pacific! @ 7Digital

Pacific! @ Amazon

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