[Download] Mitch Murder’s ‘Just ‘Til Midnight’


Mitch Murder

Amazing! Two new tracks from Swedish SynthWave master Mitch Murder in a week! First Mr. Murder spread a little X-Mas cheer with the smooth Don’t Let Me Spend Christmas Alone, and now here a brand new vocal track (we love it when Mitch Murder does vocal tracks). This time he’s hooked up with Australian singer Miranda Carey for some full on retro ElectroPop madness. It’s a free download too.

In total contest to Mitch’s R&B X-mas croon, Just ‘Till Midnight is what Mitch Murder does best. Pure, authentic, 80s music. In this case bouncy soul Pop. And it’s pretty stunning too. From the opening drum pattern, the track oozes retro cool, even before Carey’s awesomely fitting vocal kicks in the lush, stabbing synths are doing the job of reeling you in. This one’s got it all, catch old school Pop vocals, vintage synths chirping away, a hint of Italo in the digital bass and an end result that is big, catchy and the pinnacle of retro Pop. 

Mitch Murder (Feat. Miranda Carey) – Just ‘Till Midnight

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