[Audio] Mitch Murder’s ‘Enter The Fury’


Mitch Murder

It’s a new one from 80s soundtrack king Mitch Murder, and the Swedish producer kick of 2014 in style with Enter The Fury, a nice mix of Mitch’s retro soundtrack and video game influenced styles. If you know Mr. Murders music, you will know you’re in for for four minutes of action, adventure, romance, loss and ultimate triumph. Oh, and a mind blowing solo.

Enter The Fury starts it’s journey with a wobbly VHS intro of building synths before launching into a carefree initial section. Bouncy FM synth bass and a Electro Funk beat cruise along before all the fun-and-games become slightly more dramatic. After a breakdown of starlight synths, the solo launches in with passion. No-one synth shreds like Mitch Murder and it takes the song to the next level.

♫ Mitch Murder – Enter The Fury

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