[Audio] Mitch Murder’ ‘The Final Stretch’


Mitch Murder

OK. Fair enough. Time to face facts; we’re pretty much just a Mitch Murder fan blog these days. And seeing as how he’s been treating us to a new track about once a month we feel this is a win/win situation. We could listen to Mitch Murder tunes all day, and in fact, sometimes we do. Here’s the latest in his sonic arsenal, The Final Stretch.

Mitch is well back in Vine DiCola mode with this one, and you can’t help but grin when The Final Stretch is playing. It’s all digital stabs and squealing leads. A total energy build, a rush of frantic excitement; you can imagine the action sequence this would soundtrack. This is the score to an optimistic move, chock full of heroism and defeating the odds. How Mr. Murder constantly knocks the 80s soundtrack genre out of the park we’ll never know. We’re just glad he does.

♫ Mitch Murder – The Final Stretch

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