[Audio] Miami Horror’s ‘Colours In The Sky’



So, Aussie ElectroPoppers Miami Horror’s new single, Real Slow has been getting quite the hammering at electronic rumors HQ recently. If you’re so inclined to pick up the track on 7” from Neon Gold, you’ll find that it’s a double A-side with this little gem, Colours In The Sky (also out as a digital single this week) which features Cleopold, whoever or whatever that is, it appears to have zero internet presence, so it might be a Victorian entertainer.

Colours In The Sky is exactly four minutes if synthesizer felicity. An almost Chillwavey haze of reverb laden keys and raw piano hooks. It’s a collection of avant-garde noises re configured into a summery Pop song. Intelligent and interesting, Colours In The Sky, alongside Real Slow, has us very much looking forward to hearing their forthcoming sophomore album. Lush synths, hazy vocals, distant melodies and a healthy does of nostalgia. What more could we ask for, well, better weather would be nice, but we guess Miami Horror can’t do everything.

♫ Miami Horror (Feat. Cleopold) – Colours In The Sky

Miami Horror’s Colours In The Sky is out now.

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