[Download] Miami Horror’s ‘Real Slow’ reMixed by Plastic Plates



We featured the new, comeback, single from Aussie ElectroPoppers Miami Horror last month. Real Slow features some tight vocals from Superhumanoids’ Sarah Chernoff and is a sweet slice of chilled DiscoPop. To make things even better, the tune has been versioned by one of our favourite producers, Mr. Felix Bloxsom A.K.A. Plastic Plates. The LA based Australian producer really gets his synthetic groove on with this one.

plastic Plates truly delivers the thick electronic vibes right here. A growling and squelchy synth funk bassline pulses away underneath waves of popping melodies and vintage stabs. A new rhythm give the tune a bit more of a jump-out-of-your-seat feel, and a pretty irresistible one too. Rolling along on a steady hook, it;s the choruses when this reMix really shines, loaded with big synths hammering away, complimenting Chernoff’s vocals to carefree effect. Another big tune from Plastic Plates.

Miami Horror (Feat. Sarah Chernoff) – Real Slow (Plastic Plates reMix)

Miami Horror’s Real Slow is out now.

Buy Miami Horror’s music from:

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