[Audio] Mirrors (no, not that one)


Let us introduce you to Mirrors. “But wait” you say, we already know Mirrors. Sorry, different Mirrors. This Mirrors hails from Glasgow and has a line in producing some seriously infectious House sounds that get stuck in your head and make your feet move. He’s about to release his début EP on Loungin Records to prove to the world that being able to think up an original artist name means nothing when it comes to dropping hypnotic beats.

Dip You is the kind of track you need to play again and again, once to hook has, well, hooked you in, you’ll be needing a constant fix. Taking a little from Chicago warehouses and a little from The Summer Of Love, Mirrors’ Dip You delivers a big classic House sound with a upbeat UK edge. Almost timeless in it’s sound, it’s just a pure party starter and one to get lost in on the dancefloor. The reMixes on the EP, coming from LPZ, C.O.N.E. and Wrongton & Deemas J are a bit weak in all honestly, but the original mix is worth the admission price alone.

♫ Mirrors – Dip You

Mirrors’ Dip You is released 18th March on 12”, followed by a digital release 1st April.

Check out more from Mirrors on SoundCloud

Mirrors’ new video

‘Hourglass’ is the new single from SynthPop band Mirrors, and sees the sounding a little The Smiths.

The video is actually taken from an animated film ‘A Lovecraft Dream’ and hence get’s all Cthulhu.

‘Hourglass’ is out today.

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Mirrors’ new EP


This week Brighton SynthPop outfit Mirrors released a brand new EP on their Bandcamp page.

The ‘This Year, Next Year, Sometime . . . ?’ EP contains two new tracks, ‘Dust’ and ‘Shooting Stars’, and five new demos. it was put together by the band to help fund their return to the studio for a new full length album and it’s well worth the price. ‘Dust’ is classic SynthPop, powerful and brooding and capturing that ‘just right’ SynthPop atmosphere of melancholy shot through with hit of hope. Along with ‘Dust’, if ‘Shooting Stars’ is anything to go by, we Mirrors get back in the studio soon. It’s a gorgeous peice of synthesizer based Indie-Electro with all the darkness and majesty you’d expect from these guys. Buying the EP seems like a worthy cause, and seven awesome tracks to boot.

♫ Mirrors – Dust

♫ Mirrors – Shooting Stars

The ‘This Year, Next Year, Sometime . . . ?’ EP is available now.

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Marsheaux reMixes HURTS and Mirrors

Greek SynthPop queens Marsheaux grace these pages once more to hit you up with a couple of awesome new reMixes.

First up they bring their analog Pop to HURTS’ ‘Better Than Love’, and it’s actually the best reMix of the track we’ve heard. Bright and ElectroPoppy it’s dancey without turning the song into a cheesy dance track and SynthPoppy without stepping on the original’s toes. Mirrors ‘Into The Heart’ also gets the girls attention. the Brighton SynthPop act’s forthcoming single gets an retro, analog, workout with more than a little OMD about it.

HURTS – Better Than Love (Marsheaux reMix)

Mirrors – Into The Heart (Marshaeux’s ‘Greek Girls Are Not Easy’ Extended Mix)

Mirror’s into the dark is our February 28th. Marsheaux’s latest album, ‘‘Lumineux Noir’ is out now.

Marsheaux @ Beatport

Marsheaux @ Juno

Marsheaux @ 7Digital

Marsheaux @ Amazon

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‘Hide And Seek’ video for Mirrors

Brighton based Indie-SynthPop act Mirrors have premiered the video for their new single ‘Hide And Seek’.

Directed by Simon Pollard, he who directed their previous video ‘Ways To An End’ and features some touching but melancholy stop motion animation.

The ‘Hide And Seek’ single is taken from their forthcoming debut album ‘Lights & Offerings’ which is due out in February 2011.

Mirrors @ Beatport

Mirrors @ Juno

Mirrors @ 7Digital

Mirrors @ Amazon

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