Marsheaux’s ‘Do You Feel?’


The second of the not-quite-made-the-album Marsheaux tracks to grace SoundCloud brings two words to mind. Moroder & Curve.

One the one hand I can kinda’ understand why this track wasn’t picked for the Greek duo’s forthcoming new album, it’s a bit of a departure for them in it’s raw, almost Electro-Rockiness. However, on the other hand it’s a big shame ‘cos the track’s awesome. As I said, Moroder & Curve, it’s like Giorgio reMixes something from Curve’s classic album Doppelganger, which makes for a superb meeting of synthesizer Disco and Shoegaze. The track is really early ’90’s Indie in it’s arrangement and that really endears it to us, whist wrapping that up in some kickin’ electronic dance.

♫ Marsheaux – Do You Feel? (Demo.)

Marsheaux’s new album is out sometime soon-ish.

Buy Marsheaux’s music from:


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