[Audio] Echoes reMix Marsheaux



Greek EelctroPop duo Marsheaux have just released their deluxe double CD version of their latest album Inhale via Undo Records. The second CD comes loaded with reMixes including this version of the title track from out old friends Echoes. A band who really should release more stuff.

Their reMix of Inhale reminds of everything we love about Echoes, and why we’re missing them (having not released anything if ages). It walks a tightrope between atmospheric and moody SynthPop and bouncy ElectroPop, and Echoes handle these two moods with ease. Using just the right amount of vocal for what they are trying to do, Echoes create something Poppy and dancefloor oriented and ultimately bright and shiny. Welcome back Echoes.

♫ Marsheaux – Inhale (Echoes reMix)

Marsheaux’s double Cd version of Inhale is out now.

Buy Marsheaux’s music from:


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