[Video] Madeon’s ‘Pay No Mind’


Madeon   Pay No Mind ft. Passion Pit   YouTube

French wunderkind Madeon is like a proper Pop star now, with a proper video and everything., Here’s the clip for his new single with Passion Pit, Pay No Mind.

Well, someone’s investing in Madeon. This video is a glossy and expensive special effects laden blockbuster.

Pay No Mind is take from Madeon’s début album, Adventure, our soon.

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[Audio] Monsieur Adi reMixes Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘Changing Of The Seasons’



I’m really not sure if Monsieur Adi sleeps. The man had been busy as hell in the run up to the release of his soon-to-be massive hit What’s Going On? with A*M*E. Only this week the shiny new video for the single was released, but Adi still has time to knock out stunning reMix after stunning reMix. The latest being for the Madeon produced new single from Kitsuné IndiePoppers Two Door Cinema Club, Changing Of The Seasons.

Adi turns-in a spot-on version of the track, hitting the right point between laid back and dancefloor worthy, Adi, works a chilled Disco vibe, laden with thick synth bass and his wonderful strings, which is an step apart from the big room backing of the original, but somehow weaves it’s way into the song and makes it Adi’s own. The vocals seem to fit themselves around this new vibe, rising and falling with the mood of the track. It’s almost unbelievable that in his entire career Adi has never failed to impress, and he;s only just starting to blow up. We wish him the best of luck.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons (Monsieur Adi reMix)

Two Door Cinema Club’s Changing Of The Seasons is out soon.

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[Audio] Two Door Cinema Club’s Madeon produced ‘Changing Of The Seasons’


Two Door Cinema Club

French wunderkind Madeon’s career is just going from strength to strength, and now it seems he’s an in-demand producer. The start of his production career (and we’re using the word ‘producer’ in it’s traditional sense here) sees Madeon behind the mixing desk for Kitsuné IndiePoppers Two Door Cinema Club as he busts out their forthcoming new single Changing Of The Seasons.

The result is weirdly, or aptly depending on what you expect, like Two Door Cinema jamming with Madeon, which, we guess, makes sense. Two Door’s trademark cheery guitar is still present, as is Alex Trimble’s lilting and whimsical vocals, but in this case they are paired with Madeon big-room lead sounds and sidechained riffs along with a tight Disco beat. You’d have though that this would have been a bit of a mess, the guitars and synths clashing, but they really don’t, if fact they end up being perfectly complementary and that’s got to be testament to Madeon’s skills.

♫ Two Door Cinema Club – Changing Of The Seasons (Produced By Madeon) (Radio Rip)

Two Door Cinema Club’s Changing Of The Seasons is out soon.

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Madeon’s ‘The City’


French wunderkind Madeon’s new single, The City, kinda feels like his first proper single. Or at least it feels like it’s approaching what we were promised with his reMixes and mashups before he was taken under Deadmau5’ wings. This finally feels like he’s not trying to make a Brostep track to fit in with his new bros or trying to impress the Mau5 with how much he can sound like him.

The City, is a big, Nu-Disco flavoured ElectroPop track. Loaded with French flare. It’s not perfect, not by a long shot, the vocals, whilst pleasingly soulful, are a bit throwaway and the final production is a little too EDM (whatever that is), but this is the closest to what we expect from Madeon, in the past couple of years, that’s he’s got so far. I don;t know, maybe his original tracks, and reMixes, were just so good that once he got himself signed the odds were already against him to deliver. Maybe it would all be alright if people stopped trying to turn him into an EDM superstar and just let him do his DiscoPop thing. Anyway, this is his best release so far, let’s hop it;s heading in the right direction.

♫ Madeon (Feat. Zak Waters and Cass Lowe) – The City (Original Mix)

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Madeon & Martin Solveig


…and Boom! Just like that Nu-Disco wunderkind Madeon drops another track that makes the internet loose it’s shit. This time it a reMix of Martin Solveig’s forthcoming single ‘The Night Out’.

With a sound that is now unmistakably Madeon, the 17-year old turns Solveig’s track into a thing of pure power. it’s pretty instant to thing that at his young age he is already one of most popular electronic artists in the world, but with Pop-Disco juggernauts like this you can see why. it’;s got everything, The kick of Electro, the groove of Nu-Disco, the lush synths of French Touch and the soaring solos of SynthWave. How long can he keep this up?

♫ Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon reMix)

‘The Night Out’ is out soon.

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Madeon’s new single


Semi-interesting tid-bit, our original post about French big room Nu-Disco wunderkind Madeon is our third most viewed article of all time! Since then, with a bit of promotion from Deadmau5 and a lightning fingered YouTube video the guy has blown up.

Listening to ‘Icarus’, his new single you are immediately remained why. I don;t want to dwell on “oh my god, how young is he to be producing like this”, but oh my god, how young is he to be producing like this. He’s got both the music talent and production ability of to take on any seasoned artist with years under their belt. ‘Icarus’ is pure French Touch, Disco gold, the guy knows exactly how to whip the dancefloor up into a frenzy, but keeps a beautiful musicality to his work too. Essential stuff.

♫ Madeon – Icarus

‘Icarus’ is out now.

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What can we say about Madeon that hasn’t already been said in recent months, the dude is 16. 16! It’s ridiculous, 16 years old and already up there with some of the best ElectroPop/Nu-Disco/Dreamwave producers around. What’s he gonna’ have done by the time he’s 20????

Talented beyond his years this young French producer shows not only production skill but serious musicianship in his tunes. His stuff is serious Nu-Disco excellence with an ear for a retro melodies and some insane bass programming. With a knack for solid grooves and heart stopping drops underpinning his sparkling, soaring lead lines Madeon is defiantly on his way to the top. Check out his reMixes of Yelle and Alphabeat too, pure gold.

Madeon – For You

Madeon – Shuriken

♫ Yelle – Que Veux Tu (Madeon reMix)

♫ Alphabeat – DJ (Madeon reMix)

What can we say? Can’t wait for Madeon’s début EP.

Madeon @ Amazon

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