What can we say about Madeon that hasn’t already been said in recent months, the dude is 16. 16! It’s ridiculous, 16 years old and already up there with some of the best ElectroPop/Nu-Disco/Dreamwave producers around. What’s he gonna’ have done by the time he’s 20????

Talented beyond his years this young French producer shows not only production skill but serious musicianship in his tunes. His stuff is serious Nu-Disco excellence with an ear for a retro melodies and some insane bass programming. With a knack for solid grooves and heart stopping drops underpinning his sparkling, soaring lead lines Madeon is defiantly on his way to the top. Check out his reMixes of Yelle and Alphabeat too, pure gold.

Madeon – For You

Madeon – Shuriken

♫ Yelle – Que Veux Tu (Madeon reMix)

♫ Alphabeat – DJ (Madeon reMix)

What can we say? Can’t wait for Madeon’s début EP.

Madeon @ Amazon

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8 comments on “Madeon

  1. How come there are no pics of this guy anywhere?
    Nobody at 16 produces like this. It takes many years to even get close to a production quality like this.
    I think that there is another older guy behind polishing it all and finalizing it.
    That’s all. If you are this good at 16, you must have started at age 12.
    It’s just to good to be true.

    • Have you seen his live mashup?
      The guys hands certainly lend to the possibility of him being 16-17.
      As for starting at age 12. Well, there are people who can do complex 3D equations in their head at that age. Why not similar things with music? I don’t discount the possibility that this Madeon started young.
      His live mashup also quashes the ‘cleaning up later’ by others.

    • Many musical child prodigies showed their tremendous talents before the age of 5, and that is especially true in Classical music. The most famous example is Mozart who started playing piano at 3 and later started composing music at 6.
      Therefore, by comparison, 12, 16 or 17 y.o. aren’t too young at all.
      I’ve seen Madeon’s live mashup, and I have no doubt he is capable of producing all those music by himself.

    • An interview with him did reveal that he started at around age 11, which would agree with what you’re saying.

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