Madeon’s ‘The City’


French wunderkind Madeon’s new single, The City, kinda feels like his first proper single. Or at least it feels like it’s approaching what we were promised with his reMixes and mashups before he was taken under Deadmau5’ wings. This finally feels like he’s not trying to make a Brostep track to fit in with his new bros or trying to impress the Mau5 with how much he can sound like him.

The City, is a big, Nu-Disco flavoured ElectroPop track. Loaded with French flare. It’s not perfect, not by a long shot, the vocals, whilst pleasingly soulful, are a bit throwaway and the final production is a little too EDM (whatever that is), but this is the closest to what we expect from Madeon, in the past couple of years, that’s he’s got so far. I don;t know, maybe his original tracks, and reMixes, were just so good that once he got himself signed the odds were already against him to deliver. Maybe it would all be alright if people stopped trying to turn him into an EDM superstar and just let him do his DiscoPop thing. Anyway, this is his best release so far, let’s hop it;s heading in the right direction.

♫ Madeon (Feat. Zak Waters and Cass Lowe) – The City (Original Mix)

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