Madeon & Martin Solveig


…and Boom! Just like that Nu-Disco wunderkind Madeon drops another track that makes the internet loose it’s shit. This time it a reMix of Martin Solveig’s forthcoming single ‘The Night Out’.

With a sound that is now unmistakably Madeon, the 17-year old turns Solveig’s track into a thing of pure power. it’s pretty instant to thing that at his young age he is already one of most popular electronic artists in the world, but with Pop-Disco juggernauts like this you can see why. it’;s got everything, The kick of Electro, the groove of Nu-Disco, the lush synths of French Touch and the soaring solos of SynthWave. How long can he keep this up?

♫ Martin Solveig – The Night Out (Madeon reMix)

‘The Night Out’ is out soon.

Buy Martin Solveig’s music from:


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