Lueur Verte’s ‘Night Slasher II’

Lueur Verte

French SynthWave master Lueur Verte returns this week with a brand new track. A follow up to a track released late last year. The original ‘Night Slasher’ was a moody, atmospheric slice of synthetic dread. How does ‘the Revenge’ measure up?

‘Night Slasher II (The Revenge)’ shared a lot in common with it’s predecessor. I suppose that’s natural for soundtrack inspired music, soundtrack normally have running musical beats and themes throughout to tie them together as a whole, and that’s the approach Lueur Verte has taken here. I’s still the same kinds of mysterious, dark SynthWave but the lurking horror has been replace with something more befitting an action sequence. The addition for more layered synths and a nod toward Industrial percussion gives the track more of a driving energy. If you want your Outrun Electro to cosiest of Italo basslines to give you a kick in the ass and Ice synths to send a chill down your spine, then Lueur Verte has you covered. SynthWave tune of the week.

Lueur Verte – Night Slasher II (The Revenge)

‘Night Slasher II (The Revenge)’ is released today.

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