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Get Stellar

Well, it’s been a while since we heard anything from the Australian Get Stellar, it seems a bit has changes sine we last took notice, including the act being stripped down to a solo project and a more Housey sound taken on board. His new single ‘My Bassline’ showcases the fact that this isn’t the Get Stellar of ‘This Moment’.

‘My Bassline’ is a sample heavy, filtered slab of Disco House. Its quite a minimal track, but effective. The sweeping filtered riff and the titular bassline serve as the central elements of a track with an infectious funk. Gone is Get Stellar’s old summer Indie-Electro vibe, ‘My Bassline’ is a classy night time jam that’s smooth as silk. Amongst the host of reMixes sit this gem from Ghosts Of Venice who inject a little of husFrench Touch into the track. Although he creates a hypnotic Nu-Disco groove with the track, he don’t ignore it’s House roots with a nice 909 hi-hat. The whole EP feels like VIP area stuff, posh Disco!

♫ Get Stellar – My Bassline (Original Mix)

♫ Get Stellar – My Bassline (Ghosts Of Venice reMix)

‘My Bassline’ is out now on Guesthouse Music.

Buy Get Stellar’s music from:


Magnifik ‘Behaving Badly’

Australian producer Ashley Feraude A.K.A. Magnifik has just released his ‘Behaving Badly’ single and it’s backed up by some stellar reMixes.

The first of which, coincidentally, comes from awesome fellow Aussies, the Indie-Disco outfit Get Stellar, who we haven’t heard from in a while, who turn in a classy piece of synth-Funk fuelled Electro with a slightly 90’s edge to it. A proper dancefloor starter. Nightriders bring a deep Disco groove to the table with their mix, designed for chilled summer nights. Defiantly a reMix bundle worth investing in.

Magnifik – Behaving Badly (Get Stellar reMix)

Magnifik – Behaving Badly (Nightriders Deep reMix)

‘Behaving Badly’ is out now

Buy Magnifik’s music from:


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The Vanish return with ‘Heartbeat’

Things have been quiet from The Vanish camp since the release of their last single, ‘Hold On’ but this week sees the release of ‘Heartbeat’, the second track from their demo EP to be given the single treatment.

The Indie-Disco-Pop ‘Heartbeat’ was my favourite track on the original demo EP, making top ten in electronic rumors’ top 20 songs of 2009, so the single, and it’s stellar reMix line up is most welcome here. Speaking of ‘stellar’, Australians Get Stellar and Beaumont both provide mixes for the package.

That was a terrible segway…………….

Anyway, the Beaumont mix we have for you here isn’t the one appearing on the single, that is an 8-bit Chiptune-Disco affair, this alternate mix is a smooth electronic Pop track in the Starsmith vein that I think I actually prefer. There is a certain epic journey-ness to this mix that can’t help but win you over. Get Stellar’s reMix goes straight for the Electro-Disco jugular that’s just made for late night dancefloor action.

The Vanish – Heartbeat (Beaumont Alt reMix)

The Vanish – Heartbeat (Get Stellar reMix)

Also on the single is the stunning, simple stunning, Barretso reMix, if I can post it I will.

‘Heartbeat’ is our now.

The Vanish @ Beatport

The Vanish @ Juno

The Vanish @ 7Digital

The Vanish @ Amazon

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Get Stellar


What is it with Australians and Indie-Disco? The whole country seems like a music factory!

Next up is Get Stellar, hailing from Adelaide this duo have just dropped their first EP, ‘This Moment’, which features reMixes from the likes of G.L.O.V.E.S., Def Starr and Nick Supply.

The track itself is a infectious bassline fuelled Nu-Disco stormer that get’s taken to the next Disco level by reMixer extraordinaire G.L.O.V.E.S. who drops string and stabs all over the place. Def Starr’s reMix is slightly more chilled with a summery clubby vibe.

Check it:

Get Stellar – The Moment (Radio Edit) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Get Stellar – The Moment (G.L.O.V.E.S. reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

Get Stellar – The Moment (Def Starr reMix) (zShare) (MediaFire)

The ‘This Moment’ EP is out now on Hindley Records’

Get Stellar @ Juno