Get Stellar’s new single

Get Stellar

Well, it’s been a while since we heard anything from the Australian Get Stellar, it seems a bit has changes sine we last took notice, including the act being stripped down to a solo project and a more Housey sound taken on board. His new single ‘My Bassline’ showcases the fact that this isn’t the Get Stellar of ‘This Moment’.

‘My Bassline’ is a sample heavy, filtered slab of Disco House. Its quite a minimal track, but effective. The sweeping filtered riff and the titular bassline serve as the central elements of a track with an infectious funk. Gone is Get Stellar’s old summer Indie-Electro vibe, ‘My Bassline’ is a classy night time jam that’s smooth as silk. Amongst the host of reMixes sit this gem from Ghosts Of Venice who inject a little of husFrench Touch into the track. Although he creates a hypnotic Nu-Disco groove with the track, he don’t ignore it’s House roots with a nice 909 hi-hat. The whole EP feels like VIP area stuff, posh Disco!

♫ Get Stellar – My Bassline (Original Mix)

♫ Get Stellar – My Bassline (Ghosts Of Venice reMix)

‘My Bassline’ is out now on Guesthouse Music.

Buy Get Stellar’s music from:


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